Vetting and Matching

Our goal is to match you and your family’s needs to a domestic helper who is the right fit for your home

We know how important it is to find a domestic helper who can have a stable and long-term relationship with your family which is why our process of vetting and matching makes us a leader in the recruitment market.


Our vetting and matching process is very different from other agencies or online platforms, we don’t send employers online profiles or ask employers to select from an online database. We have a stringent process and vet out 20%-30% of candidates who we think are not suitable for our employers. Our vetting processes mean that we only ever present candidates to you that have relevant experience and the right personality fit for you. Not all agencies do this which is what sets Fair Agency apart. Candidates fill up an online form first then our team members will do an interview to understand their personality and preferences for the next job.

Fair Agency

Traditional Agency Online platforms
VettingThorough interview,
vetting out 20-30% unsuitable candidates

MinimalNo vetting
MatchingPersonalized one-on-one matching by skilled recruitment consultant No matching or only based on a few basic criterias No matching, Employer to filter through profiles by themselves


 Our matching process is not only based on the candidate’s working experience and skills, but also her personality and attitude. It is important that she has the right personality fit and work attitude because this is usually the key to a great hire. Our team of experts will also have a 15-20 minute call with employers to understand their management style, environment, lifestyle, household routines and preferences. By finding a worker who fits your management style, you’ll have the best chance of finding a long term fit for your family. We make sure that we only send you candidates where we feel they are suitable for your family and confident that it will be a good fit.

Our team are experts in the vetting and matching process and have demonstrated success and proven track record of great job matches. Since we opened in 2014, we have helped match over 2600 workers with employers. 95% of interviewed clients would recommend us to a friend. Fill up our form now to secure a great match for your family.