Tips and resources on financial management for domestic helpers

Good money management and financial stability mean that a domestic helper can avoid distractions of financial stress while working in Hong Kong, support family members back home, and make a savings plan for the future.

Here are some resources and tips on money matters for domestic helpers:


Choose employment agencies carefully:

Excessive recruitment fees are a key cause of financial debt issues faced by domestic helpers. Domestic helpers spend on average 4-6 months paying off recruitment debt (Farsight, 2016; Justice Centre, 2016). See our articles before choosing an employment agency:


Stay organised:

Using monthly payslips can be helpful to both employers and domestic helpers. They can help in record keeping, tracking of monthly salaries, deductions, allowances, and other entitlements.


Use a savings account:

A bank account is a good tool for money management. Instead of cash, salaries can be paid directly into a domestic helper’s bank account. This also avoids the easy temptation of spending cash. Domestic helpers can take another step further by opening a second account for savings, and transfer amounts from the initial account regularly to set aside.

See: What is the best bank account for domestic helpers


Debt issues:

Enrich is a Hong Kong-based charity that provides financial management training for domestic helpers and a confidential one-to-one Financial Counselling service for domestic helpers in debt. Employers and/or domestic helpers can reach out to Enrich for help:

Tel: 2386 581; Facebook: EnrichHK


Financial management training:

  • Enrich is a Hong Kong charity that provides financial management training for domestic helpers on saving, investing and setting up a business. Employers can also sponsor domestic helpers to take Enrich courses and find further tips on their website.
    • Language: English, Bahasa, Tagalog
    • Contact:  Tel: 2386 581; Facebook: EnrichHK
    • Explore their FREE mobile app “Enrich Planner” which helps track finances and progress towards financial goals.
    • Watch their Video Series explaining important information about money management. HERE


  • Uplifters is a Hong Kong charity that provides online financial management courses. These are free for domestic helpers to enrol in.


Last updated on April 16th, 2024

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