Can domestic helpers receive cash instead of unused annual leave days?

What is domestic helper annual leave?

Annual leave is the same as paid holiday days. It is an employee entitlement under the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance and applies to domestic helpers too.

How many days of annual leave are domestic helpers entitled to?

A domestic helper is entitled to paid annual leave increases by one additional day per each year of service. A domestic helper annual leave entitlement starts at 7 days in the first year of employment, and goes up to a maximum of 14 days. You can read more about the annual leave entitlement here.

Can domestic helpers receive cash for the unused annual leave?

Some domestic helpers may have accumulated a number of annual leave days. The following two options are the only times when domestic helpers may receive cash in lieu of annual leave:

  • If the domestic helper is entitled to more than 10 days of annual leave, they may choose to accept payment as part of their leave entitlement. 10 days must be taken as annual leave days while they may receive cash for the remaining difference.
  • Upon termination of contract, if the domestic helper has worked for the employer for more than three months, and the reason for termination is not summary dismissal, all accumulated untaken annual leave can be settled in cash.

Where can I find more information about domestic helper annual leave?

Last updated on July 6th, 2023

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