FAQs on domestic helper rest days

Does a domestic helper’s rest day have to be Sunday?

Technically, no. However, most domestic helpers prefer this day off so they can meet up with friends who also have Sunday off. This means that domestic helpers with a lot of experience or those who are highly qualified might require Sunday off as part of their working agreement.

Can I change a rest day? Does it have to be the same day each week?

Legally you can grant rest days on an irregular basis, but you should communicate any changes to rest days one month in advance. If you both agree to move a rest day, an additional rest day must be granted within the next 30 days. For example, if the original rest day was 2nd June, the new rest day must be taken before 1st July.

In practice, domestic helpers can get frustrated if their rest day is constantly changing as it can be difficult for them to plan activities for their day off. More experienced workers will likely prefer a set rest-day each month.

Can I ask a domestic helper to work on a rest day?

Emergencies aside, it is illegal for you to compel a domestic helper to work on a rest day. Domestic helpers are entitled to a full 24 hour rest period and you should not ask them to work at all during this period. This is one of the reasons that setting a curfew is generally not acceptable.

What happens if a domestic helper’s rest day is the same day as a statutory holiday?

When this happens, a domestic helper must be allowed to take the statutory holiday off and, in addition, must be given the next working day off as her rest day. Read more about statutory holidays here.

Last updated on June 7th, 2024

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