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What are the things I should notify my employment agency about?

Apart from their recruitment and visa processing services, employment agencies have responsibilities that are required of them by both the governments of Hong Kong and the worker’s home country.

In particular, employment agencies are required to inform the relevant Consulate in cases where there are immediate changes that affects a worker’s employment situation or ability to work. This is a requirement made by the Philippine and Indonesian Consulates. As a result, employers and workers should notify the employment agency in the case that a worker is:

  • seriously ill,
  • pregnant,
  • deceased,
  • a missing person
  • traveling abroad,
  • involved in any legal cases, or
  • has their contract terminated

At Fair Employment Agency, this requirement is included in our service agreements, and our Client Care team is available to our clients and workers in understanding rights and entitlements and for management guidance.

In these cases, after the employer or worker notifies the employment agency, the agency informs the Consulate who will then involve the relevant government bodies and provide assistance to the worker and the employer where necessary.

As the employer, notifying the employment agency is also a way to protect yourself in order to avoid potential claims or inclusion into the Consulates’ Employer Watch-lists. It is best practice to keep relevant documentation in these situations such as: medical reports, receipts, police reports, termination form, etc. If it is relevant, we would also recommend showing  evidence of correspondence to show attempts of contact (e.g. SMS message record). When submitting such documents, you may also add an additional explanation letter.

As a worker, notifying the employment agency is important for you to access support that you are entitled to. A core function of the Consulate is to take care of their nationals and they may have services that may be very useful to you. The Consulate can also ensure that everything is properly documented.

Reach out to your agency for support

There are times when challenges arise in working relationships between employers and domestic helpers. Your agency may be able to provide you with guidance and support in those times. At Fair Employment Agency, we have our dedicated Client Care team to support our employers and workers. Please do reach out to us if Fair Employment Agency is your agency.

If you need additional support on how to manage your domestic helper, Helpwise offers practical and personalized advice for employers. Reach out to Helpwise to book a phone consultation that could guide you to solutions that work for your household. HERE

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Last updated on June 18th, 2021