Top tips for domestic helpers in interviews

At Fair Employment Agency, we use interviews to help match domestic helpers with employers who are a good fit with your personality. Here are a few top tips to make the most of your interview with a potential new employer.

Shake hands

Shake hands with the employer when you first meet them. This looks professional and is a respectful way to greet someone.

Eye contact

Keep eye contact during the interview to show that you are professional and confident.


Wear professional clothing. Avoid wearing anything too casual, like shirts with big logos or slogans, or anything that reveals too much skin.

Arrive early

Arriving late to an interview is seen as very unprofessional. Try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to be safe and wait until the interview time before knocking on the door. Make sure you text or call the employer if you are running late.

Before the interview

We recommend you make sure your social media photos (like your profile pictures on your phone, Facebook, Viber) look professional. Some employers will look at this and it may be the first impression they have of you.  You might want to set your Facebook profile to private. 

During the interview

During the interview, employers will be looking for:

  • A positive attitude: Smile! Be positive about the job opportunity, even if you’re not sure about it a first.
  • Honesty: Explain your reason for leaving/ termination in one or two clear sentences. Don’t talk badly about your previous employers. Just state the facts in an honest way.
  • Ability: Be honest with the employer about your cooking or childcare experience. Share the things you are good at and enjoy. It’s better to say “I am willing to learn” rather than exaggerate your experience.

It’s ok to ask questions! Some questions you might want to ask:

  • What would I be doing each day?
  • What is the starting salary?
  • Which day will be my rest day?
  • What will be the sleeping arrangement? Will I have my own room, or will I be sharing with someone else?
  • Do you provide shared food or food allowance?

After the interview

Help them remember you! Text the employer to say something like “Dear Mr / Mrs [Employer’s name], this is [Your Name]. Thank you for the interview today. It was good to meet you. Please get in touch if you have any more questions.”

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Last updated on August 31st, 2021