What should a domestic helper’s schedule look like?

Providing a domestic helper’s schedule can help set expectations, particularly at the start of the working relationship. Here is a template that can be adjusted to fit your household needs.

Make beds
Collect and wash laundry as needed
Wipe down bathrooms
Wash dishes and sanitize food preparation areas
Mop kitchen floor
Take out garbage and replace garbage bags
Put things away/ tidy up
MondayChildren’s room (dust, drapes, windows & dehumidifiers)

TuesdayStudy room (dust, drapes, windows & dehumidifiers)
WednesdayKitchen (dust, windows, garbage cans, fridge, wash cleaning clothes, recycling)

ThursdaySurfaces and walls: clean smudges, etc.
FridayMaster bedroom (dust, drapes, windows & dehumidifiers)

Air purifier (inside/outside body, air quality sensor, & vacuum filters)

Dehumidifier (clean outside, filter & wash inside of water holder)

Laundry: sheets, pillowcases, comforter covers

Floors: mop
SaturdayCheck house (lights, hangers, doorknobs, drains, batteries in toys, appliances, etc.)

Repairs (household, clothes, etc.)
SundayRest Day
1st ThursdayAir conditioners: dust outside, air intake/outlet

Water boiler: clean inside with citric acid
1st FridayLaundry: mattress pads, pillow covers

Laundry: bath mats, shower curtains
1st SaturdayClean, condition leather sofa

Clean flat iron and steam iron
Special Tasks
1st week FebruaryClean out & dust closets, drawers, cabinets
1st week MayClean and store winter clothes
AugustLaundry: comforters, blankets, decorative pillows
1st week Sept/OctClean & store summer clothes

Clean out & dust closets, drawers, cabinets

Last updated on January 18th, 2024

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