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How should I choose an employment agency?

There are many domestic helper employment agencies in Hong Kong, but choosing the right one is difficult. If you choose an employment agency that is incompatible or unethical, it not only wastes your money, but also your time.

The sad reality is there are many unethical employment agencies operating in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines. With this in mind you’ll want to pay attention if the agency does any of the following:

Offers low prices

If an agency is offering low prices, this usually means that they’re forcing the domestic helper or sneaking in hidden costs throughout the hiring process to make up the difference. When this happens, it can cause a host of problems for both employer and domestic helper. 

Offers unusually fast processing

When an agency promises extremely fast processing times, more often than not, they are just using unrealistic marketing tactics. Mainly because they have almost no control over the processing time. See our: Expected Processing Times for more on this.

We started Fair Employment Agency because we saw a better way of hiring workers. We are completely transparent about what’s included in our pricing from the start and our talented team knows the system inside out. As part of our ethical code, we never charge fees to domestic workers and only place people who are a good match with your family. View our pricing and see which of our options is right for you to get started on the hiring process.

Regardless of which employment agency you choose to use, you should as a minimum check that it is fully licensed and accredited:


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Last updated on June 9th, 2021