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How can I report or check the license of an employment agency?

The Hong Kong Labour Department’s Employment Agency Portal makes it easy to check for an employment agency license as well as to report agencies that are not adhering to the Employment Agency Code of Conduct.

Check License

Regardless of which employment agency you choose to use, you should as a minimum check that it is fully licensed and accredited. You can easily check for an employment agency’s license on the Labour Department website: here.


Report overcharging or passport holding to the relevant Consulate and Labour Department through the Employment Agencies Portal. Reporting bad agencies are a crucial part to fixing the broken recruitment system in Hong Kong. You can easily fill out the form and attach documents of proof online.

  • Be aware that your complaint will be heard more strongly than a helper’s, who often do not have the same resources to present their case.

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Last updated on June 9th, 2021