How can domestic helpers apply for a visitor visa after their last working date?

Domestic helpers are permitted to remain in Hong Kong for not more than two weeks after their last working day if their contract is prematurely terminated or they are released before their 2-year employment visa expiry date.

A common reason for domestic helpers to apply for a visitor visa is flight cancellations. If domestic helpers would like to extend their stay in Hong Kong, they must apply for a visitor visa at the Immigration before their current visa expires. The visitor visa fee is HK$230. The exact duration and approval of each visa extension is subject to the Immigration Department’s final decision.

Be timely and keep in mind Immigration’s operating hours

If the visa expiry date of the domestic helper falls on a Sunday, the helper should go to the Immigration Department to apply for the visitor visa on Saturday morning or Friday. If the domestic helper does not apply for a visitor visa before the current visa expiry day, they will be considered as overstaying and may be subject to further investigation and prosecution.

Know which documents to bring

  • Complete and signed Application For Extension of Stay (ID91)
  • Passport of the domestic helper
  • Any other relevant documents such as signed Termination Form (ID407E),
  • Flight ticket to show cancellation/rebooking,
  • Explanation letter to support extension application
  • HK$230 visa fee

Think through should pay for the visa fee

The visitor visa fee is paid by the domestic helper. However, if the visitor visa is needed because a flight that the employer has arranged has been cancelled or rescheduled, it would be an appreciated gesture of goodwill for the employer to pay or share the cost of the visa fee.

For Domestic Helpers with visa application already submitted  to work with a new employer

If the domestic helper has secured a new job and their visa application has already been submitted to the Immigration Department, they are allowed to continue to stay in Hong Kong temporarily until the next steps of visa processing.

Last updated on July 7th, 2023

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