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Where can I get a COVID-19 test in Hong Kong?

This is a rapidly changing situation. We try our best to provide accurate and updated information. Please double-check with the relevant sources.

Government Options

Where can I get tested?

  1. To visit any of the mobile specimen collection stations (see the list and target groups (if applicable) at for testing;
  2. To attend any of the community testing centres (see the list at;
  3. To self-arrange testing provided by private laboratories which are recognised by the DH and can issue SMS notifications in respect of test results (see the list at, and the relevant sample must be taken through combined nasal and throat swabs; or
  4. To use a specimen bottle distributed to the relevant specified premises by the CHP (if applicable), and return the specimen bottle with the stool sample collected as per relevant guidelines.

Further steps are taken by the HK government to replace deep throat saliva specimens. Starting from September 8 2021, persons subjected to compulsory testing requirements must attend any of the mobile specimen collection stations, community testing centres or recognized local medical testing institutions to undergo professional swab sampling.

Free testing will be provided at the Community Testing Centre (CTC) if the test is related to confirmed cases, or arriving from places outside Hong Kong, or belong to designated sectors. Community testing centres provide booking and walk-in services but the testing centres will prioritize individuals with advance bookings.

You need to bring along the original copy of the identity document you provided for booking and the booking confirmation SMS when you go to take the combined nasal and throat swabs at the CTC.

CTCs open daily from 8am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 8pm. Here are the locations of CTCs:

Symptomatic individuals are not suitable for testing at Community Testing Centres. If persons who are subject to compulsory testing have symptoms of COVID-19 (even if having very mild symptoms only), they should seek medical attention immediately and undergo testing as instructed by a medical professional.

How do I find out about my test result?

Participants with a negative result will receive a test report for a COVID-19 nucleic acid test issued by the contractor within 24 hours. Those who test positive will receive calls from the Department of Health to arrange for isolation and treatment in a public hospital.

Make an appointment for professional swab sampling

The public only needs to provide simple personal information on the 24-hour booking system ( for the selection of a suitable testing centre and a time slot for testing.

The government will set up additional mobile specimen collection stations when necessary to provide free testing services for residents/workers subject to compulsory testing through professional swab sampling.

Deep throat specimen is still available on a voluntary basis 

Taking into consideration some public would still undergo testing on a voluntary basis and that it can facilitate community surveillance and help achieve the objectives of “early identification, early isolation and early treatment”, the Government will continue to distribute deep throat saliva specimen collection packs free-of-charge through various channels (including general outpatient clinics of the Hospital Authority, post offices and distribution points at MTR stations) while the supply of the specimen collection packs will be adjusted when needed.

Rapid antigen test for COVID-19

Rapid antigen tests are readily available to purchase in the market. You can take a rapid antigen test for early detection but there are chances that rapid tests could produce false positive results. Rapid antigen tests can only serve as a reference and cannot replace the nucleic acid test which is at present the gold standard for diagnosis of COVID-19. Rapid antigen tests do not replace the compulsory testing which requires a nucleic acid test at CTC or mobile specimen station.

Watch this video on how to take a rapid antigen test. Please note that different products have different testing procedures. Users must refer to the specific instructions for use when using the test kits.

Those who return a positive test using a home test kit should seek immediate medical attention, such as undergoing a formal test at private clinic or arrange delivery agencies to send their samples to health authorities for testing.

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Last updated on February 17th, 2022