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Am I eligible to hire a domestic helper?

To hire a domestic helper you only need to meet two requirements. The first one’s easy, all you have to do is be an official Hong Kong resident. This doesn’t mean permanent resident – being here on a working or dependent’s visa is ok too.

The second step is a little more technical. To hire a domestic helper, you have to show that you are ‘financially capable’ of employing a domestic helper. This means having a minimum total income of $15,000 a month per domestic helper hired. Alternatively, you can show that you own enough assets to support the costs of hiring a domestic helper for their entire two-year contract.

If you have met these criteria, you are eligible to employ a domestic helper! Therefore, take a look at our different services and consider using Fair Employment Agency to find your domestic helper.

See also the Hong Kong government’s guide to Hiring Foreign Domestic Helpers


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Last updated on June 9th, 2021